Just a writer

Just a writer

I really like the idea of LeRay’s speech balloon text being cursive. I don’t know how readable my hand-writing is though. I enjoy the look of it. I’ll trudge forward and hope I get better with practice. I almost always print when I am writing now in my sketchbooks. Writing in cursive is a little like riding a bicycle. I remember how to do it but I am still a little off balance.

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↓ Transcript
The scene is the set of Liltoon with the camera and backdrop showing in the background.
LeRay (thick French accent): Lil, why are you so nice to Louis? He's just a writer.
Lil, If I don't have words, LeRay, I'm just another pretty face. If you don't have actors to boss around, your just an angry Frenchman with "Small Man Syndrome."
LeRay (thick French accent): I prefer the term, "Napoleon Complex."

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