too quiet

too quiet

Well, I’m conflicted. I see a contest that I want to enter here: I have always wanted to be syndicated and this contest is exactly that. I love what I am creating here at This is the first comic that I have created with the web in mind and not with newspapers in mind. So, here comes this contest and I want to so badly enter it but I will have to change up Liltoon to fit the newspaper mold. I think that I will do the 12 comics with all of them in full color using the style that I have developed here. I just can’t pass this up without entering. I’ll always wonder if that was my opportunity. I gotta go for it.

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↓ Transcript
Louis: Hey there Lars! I wanted to meet you and do a "Howdy Do!" I'm Louis, the new writer for the show!
Lars (not talking)
Louis: I see you're the strong quiet type. I'm working with you, buddy!
Lars (not impressed, not saying anything)
Louis: So, are you quiet of just not interesting?
Lars: Grrr

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Discussion (4)¬

  1. It may be a good thing for you should read Brad Guigar's take on the contest though, if you haven't already.

    • liltoon says:

      Actually, I've debated it back and forth in my mind and a few forums. I've determined that I should go ahead and enter and see what happens. I will definately read the contracts thoroughly with a lawyer friend if I am fortunate to get to the top 10. Thanks for watching my back, Barry!

      • I think you should enter. Personally if I were to enter I create a new strip rather than my current one. While I may never make any money on my strip the characters and concept are so near and dear to me that I would not want lose control even for a short time of any of it.

  2. liltoon says:

    Yeah, I don't want to lose my copyright but that doesn't happen nowadays with syndication. The artist retains his copyright. Syndication is like a 50/50 partnership. I am more worried about not having my content on my site and only being on I'll cross that bridge if I come to it and decide if it is a good contract for me.