My first cartoon

My first cartoon

After selling my cartoons so easily, I went around all of North Louisiana and visited all the small town newspapers. They all wouldn’t pay me a dime but it was great to get out there and pound the pavement. They were willing to give me “exposure” but no cash.
Free seems to be the way of the super highway. I hear about other web cartoonists making a living from the web and I’m just crazy enough to try it as well. I hope you are enjoying Liltoon.

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↓ Transcript
Panel Cartoon:
Cowboy running from man with short arms.
Caption: Luckily, Tex was chased by the short arm of the law who couldn't reach his gun.

This is the first cartoon I ever sold. The "Franklin News" in my hometown of Winnsboro, Louisiana bought it in 1991. The paper has since closed down.

I went into the meeting wanting $12.50 a cartoon but I was willing to go down to $8.00. The editor didn't blink and bought all ten cartoons for $125. I was really excited and would return many times to sell more. Than a check bounced. I did get paid eventually but that showed me how difficult running a business can be.

What do I do now? I give away comics on the internet. Someday I'll figure out this business plan.

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