Will you be my friend?

Will you be my friend?

I thought of this after I got a friend request from someone on Facebook I didn’t even know. Or maybe I did and forgot. Oh, well, it gave me an idea for a cartoon at least. I really like the feature in Facebook that shows other friends that are friends with the person you don’t know, so at least you can know who to ask. Unless they don’t know the person either and hoped you would enlighten them as well.

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↓ Transcript
Lil and Louis are backstage at the breakroom near a laptop.
Louis: Lil, I sent you a friend request and you never responded to me online.
Lil: Uh, yeah, that. Louis, maybe we should try to be friends offline first.
Louis: Awesome! I was thinking the exact same thing, Lil! Let's go out on a date!

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