Comic Strip Superstar Rejection 4

Comic Strip Superstar Rejection 4

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↓ Transcript
Lisa: Ha Ha Ha. Oh, Leo, you're so funny! I love spending time with you.
Leo: Sure Lisa. You're uh, ummm…you got a great personality. Maybe uh, excuse me a moment.
Leo whispers to Lyle: Yo, Lyle, get the machete. This weedy is too needy.
Lyle: Are you sure, Leo? She seems sweet.
Lisa: Leo, what's going on? Why does Lyle have a big knife? Oh, no. I…I thought we had something.
Leo: The truth is, Lisa, being around you sucks the nutrients right out of me.


  1. Mark Stokes says:

    This is so absurd, it borders on genius. Very funny!