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↓ Transcript
Lyle: So, what happened to Prime-Rib?
Louis: Yeah, did the creator get bored and decide to destroy it.
Lil:I think the creator felt that Prime-Rib had it's time and wanted to move on to something else. This is why we are here
Skip: That girl puppet looks just like Mia. Maybe Mia was a puppet model in her past.
Lil Skippy: I'm sure she was young and needed the money.
Skip: I wonder if you could get farther with Mia's puppet than I have with Mia in real life?
Lil Skippy: That goes without saying, my friend. I'm the puppet master! #@!*&!
Skip: What's wrong?
Lil Skippy: I want to go over and hit on her…but that Jesus puppet keeps staring at me!
Puppet practice begins…
Let's start by introducing ourselves and explaining why we are here.
Mia: I'm Mia. I love bringing joy to all the beautiful children.
Lil Skippy: No ugly kids, please!
Skip: I'm Skip and everyone know that it's all about the kids.
Lil Skippy: And meeting women who love puppets!
Nick: I'm Nick. I'm here because of mandatory community service.
Lil Skippy: ME TOO!
Lyle: Are we next? Will the great creator give up on us?
Lil: Well, we were made for his pleasure.
Louis: The bastard is going to pick us off one by one!

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Mark Stokes says:

    I'ts great to be a cartoon god!

  2. Polish Woodsman says:

    Will he decide to draw a cartoon on 2012, THEN DESTROY IT?!