Rib for your pleasure

Rib for your pleasure

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↓ Transcript
Lyle: I think the great creator did give up on us.
Louis: Just look at the archive. He didn't do anything with us for months at a time!
Lil: I don't think we need to worry at all.
Eve: Any questions about our puppet show?
Skip: Where's the Adam and Eve puppets?
Lil Skippy: Is Eve topless?
Eve: Our Adam and Eve puppets are the fig leaf versions.
Skip: Are they anatomically correct?
Eve: I believe so.
Lil Skippy: Do they have belly buttons?
Skip: What a nice puppet you have, Mia.
Mia: Thanks, Skip.
Lil Skippy: We're waiting for a return compliment!
Eve teaches the nuances involved with producing a church puppet show.
Eve: Remember to repeat the name of your character so the kids know who you are. Let's go guys! It's showtime!
Jesus puppet: Hello…I'm Jesus.
Lil Skippy: Howdy. I'm uh…Sinner #2
Donkey Puppet: Hi, I'm Balaam's ass err…I mean hiney.
Lil: I've heard that the great creator had some personal issues he had to deal with during those months we were not used.
Lyle: Oh.
Louis: So how long was he in prison?

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Mark Stokes says:

    Say Brian. Are the liltoons characters based on Skip's puppets? Now that I look at them they could easily be hand puppets, lol. I like how you're integrating the two strips. The contrast is interesting to see.

    • liltoon says:

      In many ways they are – but I really only saw it after I started looking back at them. These Prime-Rib strips were the last ones that I did (I never put them online before). I wanted to go in a completely different direction and started designing a small girl character that used the best aspects of Eve and Mia from Prime-Rib – this is how Lil came to be. I decided to give the new characters all different colors that represent a little of who they are inside. I love the use of symbols on the mouths of Prime-Rib characters to represent their voice (the pastor has a Jesus fish symbol for his mouth, and Mia has a heart for her mouth) – so I expanded this to Liltoon with the symbols on the shirts. Lyle has the same chin hair as Skip from Prime-Rib. LeRay has a beret that I once drew in a previous strip I did in college. Liltoon was designed simply so I can easily get an idea out, make it as large or small as I need to communicate the idea (not tie myself to the newspaper size) and take full use of the internet by using color and gif animation. Liltoon also represents the letting go of the syndication dream I had for years and years since college. There's no way a syndicate would consider it with the weird sizes and strange characters.