Howdy World!

Liltoon is a comic about a dysfunctional retro TV cartoon featuring a combination of comics and short animated sequences. Lil is the star. Lyle is the sidekick. Lars is the strong quiet type. Louis is the writer. LeRay is the director.

I’m back. I started doing strips again last week. Beginning August 3rd, I plan on having a regular update schedule of new comics on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I just needed to get started so I can get ahead on my updates. Below is an inspiration that helped me figure out how I needed to proceed with this comic. It came at the right time for me.

I read a quote from Sparky Schulz in a Peanuts book that I have here at home. It helped me tremendously. He says:

“One of the main things to avoid is thinking too far ahead of yourself. Try to think of your daily episodes without concentrating too heavily on the overall theme of your comic feature. While you are concentrating on these daily episodes, trying to get the most humorous idea that you can out of each, you will also be developing the personalities of your characters. You will find ideas will begin to come from these personalities. As your ideas develop personalities and as your personalities develop more ideas, the overall theme of your feature will then begin to take form. This really is the only practical way to develop a good solid comic-strip feature.”
-Charles Schulz, from Developing a Comic Strip, 1959

I had to write that all out so I will remember this advice. I hope you enjoy liltoon.